The birth of a blog

‘This is your very first post’.


This is what my WordPress editor tells me anyway.  It then tells me I can delete the temporary text that is there and replace with my own – wahey!  So here is my own.

So I decided today to start a blog all about picture books.  I love them, my wee boy loves them and we have read a lot of them with no sign of stopping until he gets on to chapter books in a few years. Books are everything and I love that we can share so many together in amongst the hectic days and busy bedtime routines.

I wanted to collect them all in one place as I have a love of children’s literature and had thought many a time to write and publish my own one day.  Alas after several years rewriting a failed and out of date manuscript I decided instead to appreciate the art from other authors and illustrators.

Oh yes and we live in Scotland so we love to infuse our library with some Scottish tales of this misty land.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and it gives you some hints with what to stock up your little bairn’s bookshelf with.



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